Behind the scenes // LA Diaries Part ‘11

As cliche as the saying goes, “everything happens for a reason”. Yup, there I said it.

After a few weeks of pure enjoyment and relaxation — I wanted a job. I wanted to experience working in the city of Angels (although I knew I wasn’t going to be there for so long)

Funny how I was looking for something productive to do besides the usual sight seeing and bumming around, my friend Chin posts a status on Facebook saying that she’s looking for someone in Los Angeles who’s willing to work in the art department for a TV show for a few days since she had other priorities. I don’t know what entered my head, but I volunteered and accepted the offer. She then gave my details to the Art Director and everything followed — i got emails as to where the shoot would be, call time, and etc.


Good Morning, Sunset Blvd.

On the day of the shoot — I arrived at Sunset Blvd at 5:30 AM.The call time was 7 but I just wanted to be early on the first day. For that scene, it was going to be filmed at Meltdown Comics, Sunset Blvd.

Around 6:30, as I just waited inside my car— I received a call from the Art Director telling me that she needed 30 yellow balloons for the set. She needed it by 8 AM. I did some research and majority of the shops in the area opens at 10. I panicked!!!! I really had no idea where to purchase 30 yellow balloons at that hour. I didn’t want to disappoint her. I googled, checked yelp and everything and found a shop that was open that sells balloons but it was 20 minutes away. I immediately left and drove all the way to Century City.


The set (my balloons at the back)


Silly me, I forgot to mention what this whole show was. Sweethearts of the Galaxy is a comedy Web series about a girl who dresses up as superheroes at comic book conventions. Hence, the outfits. Lol



I really can’t believe that I helped out on this production. Zero experience, zero education in this industry — yet I still did a good job. *pats self on the back*

It was really interesting.

I learned so much about prepping sets, styling and behind the scenes. An experience I’ll never forget.


Speaking of this series, its finally online!


As I was going through the credits, I found my name!!! 

Los Angeles County Museum of Art // LA Diaries Part 3

LACMA is hands down, one of my favorite art museums to visit in LA. It is a great place to bring family and friends or even a date for yourself. The museum is huge… and all cannot be seen in one trip. What I like about this museum is that collections are constantly changing and there is always an interesting exhibit for anyone. 

The famous lamppost (located outside the museum) that are always in the movies. Most people just visit LACMA for this. 

As creative juices flow, minutes turn into hours easily at LACMA. I really enjoyed looking at the wide range of artwork from historical to contemporary. Good day spent at this fantastic museum. 

What I recommend:
— bring your student ID for a discount - $10 instead of $15

— look at the LACMA website for free days and new galleries

— bring a friend to take photos

— don’t miss the food trucks across the museum

- HAVE FUN! :)


Irvine lovin’ // LA Diaries Part 1

I apologize once again for being on hiatus. 

I spent the summer of 2013 in Southern California. I was out of the country for 56 days, out of my comfort zone and out and about in my city of dreams. It was my first time to travel on a 13 hour flight alone and my first time to be away from my parents for that long. I didn’t know what to expect, but nonetheless I was hopeful and excited for a wonderful adventure ahead.

I spent a month planning what attractions to see, what to do, and of course, where to eat (foodie).

For my first installment of my LA Diaries post, I will be sharing with you all my day at Irvine in SoCal. My good friend Mia and I headed down to Irvine for Easter Sunday. She has been studying at UC Irvine for 4 years now and she’s very familiar with the place. I couldn’t have any better tour guide than her. 

Drivin’ down to the OC

The Ferris wheel at the Irvine Spectrum

The Irvine Spectrum is a must see when at Irvine. This mall has all my favorite shops, good restaurants and a cinema too. Perfect if you wanna ditch those indoor malls, and just have an afternoon stroll around with a friend or two. 

Holy Week

Dive in!

I love how the beach is only 30 minutes away from the city. Sometimes we have to get away from the hassle city life and just take time to unwind and relax. :) Take a plunge & dive in!

Up North

Remember September

Paid a visit to the beach when my cousin was in town. We had some drinks at Shangri-la then headed to BE Resort where we swam and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. I’ll always love the beach life in Cebu :)

HK for the nth time

Some pictures from the short trip I had with the family to HK. It’s my third time this year to fly there and this city never bores me. 

One Fine Day

This shoot made me feel like I was traveling back in time to the 1940’s. It was my first time to have a shoot that had a vintage concept. I felt like I was Jane Crawford or Marlene Dietrich strutting my knee length skirt and trousers. (and I loved it!). I totally loved my look that was made by the magical hands of Victor Reed. He concentrated on the dark lips and stayed light on the eye-make up. I loved how it worked out. The clothes during the 1940’s were very simple and practical since it was during the war days. I also loved how Nicky was able to give me both a feminine and masculine look in these photos. The inspiration of Nicky Roa, stylist and visionary of the shoot, was dowdy and drab — which basically means a lot of vintage flowers. This is Nicky’s “dream shoot” since it shows his style and aesthetic as a designer.

The talented photographer, Ryann Reyes, was able to capture wonderful pictures and made them seem very surreal. I really loved how these photos turned out to be. He was really able to achieve what Nicky was aiming for. I’m absolutely impressed with his works (again) and I’m sure you guys love his photographs too. It is indeed very overwhelming to know that this is Ryan’s favorite shoot to date and I’m part of it. *kilig*

Anyway…Have a fine day, everyone!

Compilation of random clips I took from February- May 2011. Crazy and fun times with my friends.